Rev. Clenard Childress on a Historic Event for African-American Students

The Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN), the largest African American pro-life network in America, sent a team of 14 African Americans to the campus of Fayetteville State College in North Carolina.

Fayetteville State College is a historically black college so it was with great expectation LEARN and a team of eight from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform walked with dignity and Christian love for an absolutely incredible history-making three days! It was outstanding!

Many students thanked us for coming and were shocked by their own misunderstandings on abortion. The students received a new revelation of the personhood of the unborn.

Margaret Sanger’s method of using a religious approach to hide her eugenic plot was an insightful one. In our exchanges with hundreds of students, and with the golden opportunity to debate over the campus radio station, it was quite evident faith is still vital in the presentation of the truth in the pro-life debate.

In the final analysis, we see that a very high percentage of the African American students consider their faith as important and that abortion is a violation of their faith.
Hearts were won and opinions changed!

Rev. Leonard Childress is a member of the Life Education Council Board of Advisers.
He is Founder and Director of Black and Pastor of New Calvary Baptist Church, Montclair, NJ

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