New Jersey Democrats Scrap Amendment for Right to Kill Babies in Abortions Up to Birth

New Jersey Democrat leaders officially threw out plans for a pro-abortion state constitutional amendment over the weekend in response to division among party lawmakers and financial concerns from prominent pro-abortion groups.

Lawmakers did not make the details of the proposed amendment public, but the New Jersey Globe described it as an attempt to “enshrine abortion as a basic human right” in the New Jersey Constitution.

According to the report, state Democrat leaders wanted to put the amendment on the November 2023 election ballot for voters’ approval. To amend the constitution, the language must pass the legislature by a simple majority in two consecutive sessions and then receive approval from a majority of voters.

However, the plan received wide-spread push-back from both sides of the abortion debate and the political aisle. On Sunday, Senate President Nicholas Scutari and Senate Majority Leader M. Teresa Ruiz said they decided to scrap the plan, North reports.

“Although we strongly considered a proposal to amend the Constitution within the next year to further strengthen protections, after many conversations with stakeholders, we have decided that now is not the appropriate time,” the Democrat leaders said in a joint statement.

State Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin specifically mentioned Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union in his statement about canceling the proposed amendment.

“While we were open to advancing a new ballot question on reproductive rights before the end of the year, advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have asked us to hold off for the time being, particularly with battles occurring in other states where reproductive rights are at immediate risk,” Coughlin said.

New Jersey already has some of the most extreme pro-abortion laws in the U.S. Killing unborn babies is legal for basically any reason without restriction, and the state Supreme Court is favorable toward abortion.

Because of the situation and the financial costs of convincing voters to support a pro-abortion constitutional amendment, Planned Parenthood of New Jersey leaders urged lawmakers to delay action, the New Jersey Globe reports.

Jackie Cornell, executive director of the abortion chain, said they do not want to spend “tens of millions of dollars” next year trying to pass the amendment. Instead, they plan to lobby the legislature to send more money to the abortion industry.

“We will continue to advocate for strengthening access to reproductive health care, including abortion, by breaking down barriers to getting care and making meaningful financial investments into providing care,” Cornell said.

According to, one of abortion advocacy groups’ priorities for 2023 is legislation that would force health insurance companies to cover elective abortions.

Here’s more from the report:

The amendment idea emerged as an intriguing strategic option for Democrats, who are feeling a measure of anxiety after Republicans flipped seven legislative seats in 2021. Compounding the concern is that a new legislative map gives the Republicans a fighting chance to reclaim control of the Legislature for the first time since the late 1990s.

According to the Globe, the proposal caused division among Democrat lawmakers, too. The pro-life Democrat organization Democrats for Life also spoke out against the potential amendment, as did Republican lawmakers.

“While Democrats have not shared their proposal publicly, we should oppose their effort on both moral and scientific grounds if it seeks to enshrine in our constitution the extreme idea that abortion should be legal right up until birth,” Senate Minority Leader Steve Oroho, R-Sussex, said in a statement.

Earlier this month, Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats For Life, criticized the proposal as “nonsense” in a state where abortions already are legal for basically any reason. She said state lawmakers should focus on supporting pregnant and parenting families in need instead.

“The legislature already removed almost any barrier to abortion earlier this year. Instead of this redundant idea, they should put energy into making a concerted effort to provide equity in pregnancy outcomes – particularly for poor and minority women who are over-represented in abortion numbers,” Day said.

New Jersey has the highest abortion rate in the country and some of the most permissive pro-abortion laws.

A state constitutional amendment on abortion would have made it much more difficult for voters and their elected state lawmakers to pass even moderate restrictions on the killing of unborn babies, such as a 15-week abortion ban, which polls consistently show most Americans support.

Earlier this year, New Jersey Right to Life warned voters about how extreme state Democrat leaders are on abortion. The pro-life group pointed to a USA Today editorial by Gov. Phil Murphy and Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver that admits they support late-term abortions and oppose parental consent for minors.

“They don’t care that the people of NJ don’t support such an extreme edict!” the pro-life organization responded.

Polls consistently show that a strong majority of Americans support legal protections for unborn babies after the first trimester, parental consent for minors and other limits.

A recent Harvard poll found 72 percent of Americans, including 75 percent of women, oppose abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Another Marist poll in January similarly found 71 percent of Americans oppose abortion after the first three months of pregnancy.

Even in Democrat strongholds like California, polls show opposition to unrestricted abortions through all nine months of pregnancy. For example, a Rasmussen poll in August found only 13 percent of California voters think abortions should be legal up to birth.

However, three states, California, Vermont and Michigan, passed pro-abortion amendments to their constitutions in November. Pro-life leaders warned that the amendments will void restrictions on late-term abortions and parental consent laws, and allow unborn babies to be killed for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy.

Pro-abortion activists dumped tens of millions of dollars into the states, funding massive misinformation campaigns that deceived voters about just how radical the amendments were.

Google quashed midterm ‘red wave’ by manipulating swing voters: Big Tech expert Robert Epstein

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – Google and other giants of internet technology played a major role in preventing a “red wave” in last week’s 2022 midterm elections, according to research spearheaded by American Institute for Behavioral Research psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein.

For months, many on both sides predicted that Republicans would sweep into strong majorities in both chambers of Congress in response to President Joe Biden’s unpopular handling of numerous issues; instead, the GOP barely won a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and failed to wrest the Senate from Democrat control.

Epstein, a prominent tech researcher, wrote Tuesday in The Epoch Times that “almost no one is looking in the right place” for the correct explanation, and that Big Tech is in fact expanding the reach of “rumors and conspiracy theories” about it to divert attention from itself.

“Over a period of months, Google nudged undecided voters toward voting blue by showing people politically biased content in their search enginesuppressing content they didn’t want people to see, recommending left-leaning videos on YouTube (pdf) (which Google owns), allegedly sending tens of millions of emails to people’s spam boxes, and sending go-vote reminders on their home page mainly to liberal and moderate voters,” Epstein said. “These manipulations (and others) don’t affect voters with strong points of view, but they can have an enormous impact on voters who are undecided (pdf) — the people who decide the outcomes of close elections.”

Epstein’s team determined Google’s activities by monitoring the content seen by a panel of 2,742 politically diverse voters predominantly in swing states, primarily “ephemeral experiences” (EEs)— content such as text reminders that nudges people in a particular direction but does not linger to be reviewed after the fact and is not seen by anyone not targeted with it.

These researchers, however, preserved more than 2.5 million EEs. And while similar past warnings about Google’s influence on the 2020 election went unheeded, Epstein expressed hope that next year, “this large dataset might be used by authorities to go after Big Tech,” which he thinks “will almost certainly occur” in a GOP House.

Epstein also revealed that his team is “continuing to build a digital shield. “By late 2023, we’ll be monitoring the content that tech companies are sending to a representative sample of more than 20,000 voters and children in all 50 U.S. states 24 hours a day, and we’ll report suspect content to authorities and journalists as we find it,” he said. “This digital shield — the first of its kind in the world—will protect our democracy and our children from potential manipulation by current and emerging technologies for many years to come.”

“What’s more, if these stories are spreading like wildfire on social media platforms, that’s only because the tech companies want them to spread,” Epstein wrote. “The tech companies allow such stories to spread — or even force them to spread — to turn your attention away from the companies themselves. If you think that there were fake ballots, you won’t pay attention to the fact that tech companies might have shifted millions of votes in the midterms.”

Many possible factors have been identified as potentially contributing to Republicans’ underperformance, with competing factions of the conservative movement currently holding fierce online debates as to which are most to blame.

Among them are Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell withdrawing financial support for certain candidates; former President Donald Trump redirecting midterm donations to his own organization instead of midterm candidates and his elevation of questionable candidates in Republican primaries; Democrats themselves funding weaker Republican candidates in primaries; potential election fraud and Democrats’ effective harvesting of early votes and mail ballots; establishment Republicans failing to offer a compelling contrast to Democrats over the last two years; and the long-term results of left-wing bias in media and education.

Biden and Harris tout ‘power of women’ in pro-abortion midterm speech

WASHINGTON (LifeSiteNews) – President Joe Biden delivered remarks on Thursday to a group of Democrat Party supporters wherein he focused on abortion and the alleged “right” to terminate unborn life as the central issue of the midterms.

He said: “Those who support ripping away the rights to choose don’t have a clue about the power of women in America, but now I think they do.”

Vice President Kamala Harris gave the opening remarks. After saying “votes are still being counted” she went on to say that Democrats “sent a message to the entire world” that “democracy is still in tact.”

As votes are still being counted, the Republicans look to be inching closer to a House majority, while the Senate race is still up for grabs, with outstanding votes to be counted in areas with heavy Republican support.

Pointing to the termination of unborn children, Harris said: “One does not have to abandon their faith or deeply held beliefs to agree the government should not be telling a woman what to do with her body.”

Referring to those who voted against rights for unborn children she said “thank you” which was followed by applause.

Biden began his remarks by saying he was thankful to supporters for “fighting like the devil” in the run-up to the midterms.

He quickly moved onto the economy, which he said was doing well, despite the record inflation that has taken place since he came into office.

The President went on to say that the election results were evidence that left-wing voters “beat the hell out of” opposition to abortion in the wake of the Dobbs decision that saw Roe v Wade fall.

Family & ProLife News Briefs – November 2022 Newsletter

by Frank Tinari, Ph.D., Life Education Council Board of Trustees

This Month: Vote and Give Thanksgiving to God


Bishops Cite Life as Critical Voter Issue

Protection of human life from conception to natural death is stated by U.S. bishops as the pre-eminent issue of our time. Here is what they wrote: “The direct and intentional destruction of innocent human life from the moment of conception until natural death is always wrong and is not just one issue among many. It must always be opposed.” (USCCB, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, 28,

For us voters, we must set aside party labels when we vote. Instead, vote for candidates who promote respect for the dignity of each person, the core of Catholic social and moral teaching. “A candidate’s position on a single issue that involves an intrinsic evil, such as support for legal abortion or the promotion of racism, may legitimately lead a voter to disqualify a candidate from receiving support.” (FCFC, 42)

As individual citizens, voting with a moral conscience helps to promote the common good. We thank God for the privilege of voting in a democracy.

Thankful for Quality Films

  • The documentary, Mother Teresa: No Greater Love, had such great success in early October that it’s coming back with encore showings in early November.
  • The Chosen, Season 3, Episodes 1 and 2, will be shown only in theaters, Nov.18. A crowd-funded project, the first two seasons have attracted more than 380 million views, depicting a personal side of Jesus and imagined conversations with his Apostles and others. The actresses shown here have all been touched by the dramatization, and many viewers say they have been deeply affected by the show.
  • Blonde (Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe drama) – Debuted on September 28, the film is a fictionalized version of Monroe’s life, based on a book by Joyce Carol Oates. Unlike in the film, Monroe’s three  pregnancies ended either in miscarriage or were ectopic. What is accurate, however, is a CGI depiction of what an unborn child looks like when Marilyn discovers she’s pregnant, including the baby’s beating heart. Visiting her mother, she talks about how her unwed mother bravely chose
    life. The language becomes powerfully pro-life as she points out there would be no Marilyn if her mother had chosen abortion. After becoming pregnant again, she imagines her baby talking to her from the womb, asking her not to hurt him/her. (Dawn Slusher, Planned Parenthood Outraged by Powerful Pro-Life Scenes in Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe Drama,, 10/3/22)

Why Continue a March for Life in DC?

(Jeanne Mancini, President,
With the wonderful blessing of Roe v. Wade being overturned, a goal we have marched for since 1974, some say there is no longer a need for the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. But the fall of Roe means the battle for life must be fought on two fronts now: state and federal. At the March on January 20, 2023, we will present the strategic plan for building a culture of life in this moment in time. We will now march to the steps of
the United States Capitol. And we plan to be in all 50 states soon because we understand the power of unified, joyful masses of pro-life marchers who send a loud and clear message to legislators: Protect life!

We must tirelessly build a culture of life on Capitol Hill, and advocate for the advancement of federal pro-life policies. And we must also march in our state capitols, urging our state legislators to pass life-saving protections for the unborn. Last, we must continue to increase the safety net for moms and babies, especially by supporting pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes that provide love, compassion, and resources to women, children, and families.

Already, pro-abortion politicians in the U.S. House and Senate have voted in favor of the most radical expansion of abortion in American history, a bill deceptively named the Women’s Health Protection Act. If passed, this extreme bill would nullify existing pro-life state laws, prevent the passage of future state laws that protect the unborn, eliminate parental-consent laws, and force taxpayers to pay for abortions nationwide up until birth. Neither can we leave hard-fought victories like the Hyde Amendment vulnerable to attack. This longstanding policy limits government funding for abortion in appropriation bills, protects taxpayers and saves lives.

Pro-life pregnancy centers provide assistance such as education, support services and essential medical care to over 2 million people every year, offering millions of dollars-worth in medical, education and support resources. Maternity homes provide shelter and support for the first several years of the baby’s life. Pregnancy resource centers have saved more than 800,000 lives since 2016 and are favored by the vast majority of Americans. Everything they do is driven by love for the women who walk through their doors and a deep desire to see them realize their dreams without sacrificing their children.

Thanks to the incredible dedication and passion that you, our marchers, have shown throughout the years, we are emboldened to take these next steps in carrying out our mission to promote the beauty and dignity of every
human life by working for an end to abortion.

Aaron Judge Thanks His Adoptive Parents After Hitting Home Run #62

“Some kids grow in their mom’s stomach; I grew in my mom’s heart,” Judge said. “She’s always showed me love and compassion ever since I was a little baby. I’ve never needed to think differently or wonder about

In early October, the 30-year-old Yankees slugger, who was adopted as a newborn, broke a six-decades-old record when he hit his 62nd home run. After the game, he told reporters that his family was at the front of his mind as he ran around the bases. A Christian, he has been open about being adopted as a baby and the incredible blessing that his parents, Wayne and Patty Judge, have been throughout his life. “The guidance my mom gave me as a kid growing up, knowing the difference from right and wrong, how to treat people and how to go the extra mile and put in extra work, all that kind of stuff. She’s molded me into the person that I am today. I was about 10 or 11 and we really didn’t look alike, so I started asking questions and they told me I was adopted and answered all my questions, and that was that. I was fine with it. It really didn’t bother me because they’re the only parents I’ve known.”

Judge said he knows that God brought them together  — his parents say their son has been a huge blessing in their lives. (Micaiah Bilger,, 10/5/22)

Dear Frank, your newsletter continues to be among the best I receive. Thank God for your faithfulness. Judie Brown, American Life League

Teen Fights to Stop Transgender Surgery

At a moment in which most politicians and media outlets lack the courage to speak out, 18-yr-old Chloe
Cole, a self-described “former trans kid” who de-transitioned after undergoing years of puberty blockers and an irreversible double mastectomy at the age of 15, is leading the fight. Traveling across the nation, she shares her story to raise the alarm about gender transition procedures on children, a growing trend she calls “child abuse” and “medical experimentation.”

Cole was just 11 yrs. old when she was first exposed to gender ideology through online platforms. It didn’t take long before medical professionals fast-tracked her into medically transitioning from a girl to a boy, a trend she says has exploded among children. Cole was put on puberty blockers and testosterone at age 13. She continues to experience joint pain from weakened bone density, a known side effect of puberty blockers, as well as certain allergies and ongoing urinary tract infections. But this pales in comparison to the double mastectomy she underwent at age 15. “I wasn’t really thinking. I was a kid, just trying to fit in, not thinking
about the possibility of becoming a parent.”
(excerpt from Edie Heipel, Meet Chloe Cole,, 9/24/22)

Some “Experts”: Marriage is an outdated institution, a relic of a patriarchal past

A 2019 article in the Atlantic sought to inform readers of “What you gain when you lose a spouse,” while the
New York Times explored an America “Beyond Marriage.” A recent story in Bloomberg assured us that “women who stay single and don’t have kids are getting richer” than their peers who are married with children.

There’s just one problem with such anti-nuptial and anti-natalist reporting: It’s completely false. In fact, the Bloomberg story uses data only from single Americans, meaning there is no basis for comparison with married women. Married mothers ages 18-55 have a mean household income of $133,000, compared to $79,000 for childless, single woman 18-55, according to data from the U.S. Census’ American Community Survey.

Thirty-three percent of married mothers ages 18-55 say they are “completely satisfied” with their lives, compared to 15 percent of childless women 18-55, according to the American Family Survey. Single, childless women are about 60% more likely to report feelings of loneliness compared to married mothers. Living for ourselves & our jobs is a dead end for most of us, whether we are a man or a woman, something that’s pretty obvious to most people.

Meanwhile, giving of ourselves to others, especially to our spouse, kids, and community, is the path most
conducive to a meaningful and generally happy life. And because marriage allows couples to pool income and assets, it also leads to a heck of lot more prosperity for the average Joe and Jane.

The happiest women in America today are those least likely to be following the profoundly self-centered and anti-family catechism of our ruling class. To be a happy and prosperous woman, be open to the gifts of marriage and children and look for opportunities to embrace family life as a key part of a rich and meaningful life. (Brad Wilcox and Alysse ElHage, Newsweek, 10/4/22)

OB-GYN Dr. William Lile Speaks Out

“It’s now possible to operate on babies while they are still in the womb. The umbilical cord of a baby can be transfused with donated blood as early as 18 weeks gestation to treat severe anemia in babies. Babies are patients and deserve legal protection like the rest of us.” Nicknamed the Pro-Life Doc, he says: “All patients, including preborn babies, have rights. It’s time to stand up and fight for the rights of the Pre-Born.” (

This free monthly newsletter is used by dozens of churches as a bulletin insert, and since 2013 has had over 30,000 readers. To receive each month’s issue in your inbox, email Frank Tinari, Ph.D. at

WATCH: Joe Biden Insults Reporter, Confirms He Supports No Limits on Abortion

(LifeNews) – During a brief exchange with journalists today outside the White House, Joe Biden insulted a reporter and confirmed he supports no limits on abortions.

Just days after a rally in which he pledged to sign a bill legalize abortions up to birth nationwide, reporters asked him whether he would support any limits on abortion. Biden insulted the reporter by assuming he had never read or had no understanding of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision that allow abortions on demand and told him to “get educated.”

Reporter: “Should there be any restrictions on abortion at all?”

Biden: “Yes. There should be.”

Reporter: “What should they be?”

Biden: “It’s Roe v. Wade. Read it, man. You’ll get educated.”


The Roe decision overturned abortion bans and allowed abortions up to birth nationwide — prohibiting states form banning abortions until after viability. This essentially means Biden supports abortion on demand up to birth without any limits because that’s what Roe allowed and what occurred in many blue states.

Meanwhile, Biden now wants the federal government to follow what private pro-abortion groups are doing — setting up funds to pay for abortions and abortion travel expenses for women who need to go to other states to have abortions because their home state protects unborn babies. He wants to supports the establishment of a federal fund to cover all abortion costs with tax dollars.

These new remarks come after Biden’s rally earlier this week where he said his number one domestic priority is signing a bill for abortions up to birth.

Biden urged Americans to elect more Democrats to Congress in November so that lawmakers can force states to legalize taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

Speaking Tuesday to the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C., the president said a bill to “codify Roe v. Wade” is his top priority, and Congress needs more Democrats to pass it, Fox News reports. The bill actually would go beyond Roe by forcing states to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions for basically any reason up to birth.

“In these midterm elections, it is so critical to elect more Democratic Senators to the United States Senate and more Democrats to keep control of the House of Representatives,” Biden said. “If we do that, here’s the promise I make to you and the American people: The first bill I will send to the Congress will be to codify Roe v. Wade.”

Nicknamed the Abortion Without Limits Up to Birth Act, the legislation would force states to legalize the killing of unborn babies in abortions for basically any reason through all nine months of pregnancy.

The bill, which Democrats named the Women’s Health Protection Act, also would end bans on sex-selection abortions and taxpayer-funded abortions as well as parental consent for minors. It also would jeopardize legal protections for doctors and nurses who refuse to abort unborn babies.

The U.S. House passed the bill earlier this year under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, but it narrowly failed in the Senate, which is split evenly down party lines.

Election experts predict Democrats will lose control of the U.S. House and possibly the Senate, too, in November. Americans are upset with Biden and Democrat lawmakers about their actions on the economy, crime, education and more, so Democrats are banking on the abortion issue to win votes in November.

“Vote! You’ve got to get out the vote,” Biden said Tuesday. “We can do this if we vote.”

The president attacked Republicans as “extreme” for wanting to protect unborn babies with a bill to ban most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, and promised to veto any pro-life legislation that reaches his desk.

“If Republicans get their way with a national ban, it won’t matter where you live in America,” Biden said, NBC News reports. “So let me be very clear: if such a bill were to pass in the next several years, I’ll veto it.”

Responding to the speech, Brian Burch, president of CatholicVote, said Biden’s abortion advocacy is appalling, especially as many families struggle with the rising cost of food, fuel and utilities.

“While Americans struggle with record inflation, the president of the United States has nothing to offer but a pledge to expand the right to violently destroy innocent unborn children – up until birth and for any reason,” Burch said. “We need Church leaders to step up and make clear that no Catholic can support candidates or policies that would make America one of the most extreme abortion nations in the world.”

Although Biden professes to be a devout Catholic, his actions have made him the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history. Last year, his administration began allowing abortion drugs to be sold through the mail without a doctor’s visit. Biden also wants to get rid of the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to pay for elective abortions, and force VA hospitals and emergency rooms to abort unborn babies.

Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, warned that babies and women will suffer if Biden achieves his goals.

“Instead of supporting life-affirming programs and policies that help women and their unborn children, the Biden administration has poured its focus into promoting unlimited abortion, even late in pregnancy,” she said in response to his speech Tuesday.

At the same time, she said Biden and Democrat leaders have been vilifying the life-saving work that pro-life advocates do daily to help save unborn babies and support families in need.

Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life, predicted that Biden’s attempt to swing voters won’t work.

“Ninety percent of Americans reject Biden’s view that abortion should be legal up until birth for any reason – paid for by taxpayers,” she said Tuesday. “Our country is facing significant challenges and looking for positive solutions, not more violence and death. It is time for Americans to hold pro-abortion politicians accountable.”

Polls consistently show that Americans – including many Democrat voters – support legal protections for unborn babies. Polls show strong public opposition to taxpayer funding for abortions and late-term abortions, and support for laws that protect unborn babies from abortion after the first trimester or once their heart begins to beat. Americans overwhelmingly support parental consent for minors, too.

A 2022 Marist poll found that just 36 percent of Americans believe abortions should be legal without any restrictions. Additionally, 73 percent oppose using tax dollars to fund abortions.

Similarly, a 2021 Associated Press poll found that 65 percent believe second-trimester abortions should be illegal and 80 percent believe they should be illegal in the third trimester.

Pontifical Academy for Life Defends Pro-Abortion WEF Appointee, says Pope Francis Nominated Her


(LifeSiteNews) — Pope Francis himself chose a pro-abortion economist for the Pontifical Academy for Life. 

In response to the outcry over the recent, highly controversial, appointment of  World Economic Forum-linked Mariana Mazzucato as an “Ordinary Academic,” the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL) sent a statement to chosen journalists covering the Vatican to defend it. 

According to Catholic News Agency (CNA), the PAL statement confirmed that the pontiff himself had nominated the new members of the PAL: 

All Academics are chosen from among scientists and experts of absolute importance, as Pope Francis reiterated in the Letter ‘Humana Communitas’ of 2019 to the Pontifical Academy for Life. The nominations of the Ordinary Academics are made by the Pope. 

The statement also declared that people with “skills in various disciplines and from different contexts,” would contribute to a “fruitful interdisciplinary, intercultural and interreligious dialogue.” 

“This is why among the academics there are also non-Catholic people: two rabbis, a Shinto academician, Muslims, an Anglican theologian. The Pontifical Academy for Life is a study and research body. So the debate and dialogue take place between people of different backgrounds,” the statement said. 

Furthermore, the statement also communicated that the nominees, including Mazzucato, went through a selection process and no red flags were raised: 

… [B]efore being nominated, the names proposed or reported go through a procedure that foresees the consultation of the Apostolic Nuncio and the Episcopal Conference of the countries where the Academics live and work. It also happened in this case and there were no problems.

The press release also noted that the documents published by the PAL “are sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith [CDF] before being published.” 

Mazzucato is a self-described “atheist” and professor of economics at University College London (UCL). She is a speaker at the WEF – the globalist group behind the socialistanti-Christian Great Reset agenda – and also enthusiastically pro-abortion, in direct contradiction to the unchangeable teaching of the Catholic Church.  

In June, following the United States Supreme Court’s overturning of the landmark 1973 pro-abortion Roe v. Wade decision, Mazzucato tweeted “So good!” in response to a pro-abortion commentator making anti-Christian statements disparaging the Bible while condemning the court’s pro-life ruling. 

According to an article in the National Catholic Reporter, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia told media that Mazzucato’s tweets may have been “pro-choice” but not “pro-abortion.” Paglia, the president of PAL, allegedly said regarding Mazzucato that “our vetting showed that in her scientific work she has never taken a position against life. You cannot judge the deepest convictions of a person by four tweets.” 

Paglia also reportedly claimed that while the Catholic Church is opposed to abortion, it recognizes that in some situations people of goodwill can support laws and public policy designed to reduce recourse to abortion while allowing the procedure in some cases. However, it is very clear in PAL founder St. John Paul II’s Evangelium Vitae that this is not an approval of the legalised killing.

It reads:

… A particular problem of conscience can arise in cases where a legislative vote would be decisive for the passage of a more restrictive law, aimed at limiting the number of authorized abortions, in place of a more permissive law already passed or ready to be voted on. Such cases are not infrequent. It is a fact that while in some parts of the world there continue to be campaigns to introduce laws favouring abortion, often supported by powerful international organizations, in other nations-particularly those which have already experienced the bitter fruits of such permissive legislation-there are growing signs of a rethinking in this matter. In a case like the one just mentioned, when it is not possible to overturn or completely abrogate a pro-abortion law, an elected official, whose absolute personal opposition to procured abortion was well known, could licitly support proposals aimed at limiting the harm done by such a law and at lessening its negative consequences at the level of general opinion and public morality. This does not in fact represent an illicit cooperation with an unjust law, but rather a legitimate and proper attempt to limit its evil aspects. (Evangelium Vitae, 73)

Support for abortion is clearly contrary to valuing life and the dignity of the human person as the Church Magisterium interprets it. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that ”human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.” (CCC 2270) 

LifeSiteNews contacted the Pontifical Academy for Life to confirm if Paglia’s statements about Mazzucato’s pro-abortion stance are accurate but has not yet received a response.

Mazzucato’s appointment contradicts the PAL’s own statutes. Even though the statutes say that members can be of any religion, new Academicians need to “commit themselves to promoting and defending the principles regarding the value of life and the dignity of the human person, interpreted in a way consonant with the Church’s Magisterium.” 

More Than 1 Million People March in Mexico for Life, Women and Peace

Participants called for laws that would aid pregnant women facing difficult situations and policies to promote ‘peace and unity for all, especially within the family.’

Featured Image

(LifeSiteNews) — A nationwide march in defense of women and life was hosted October 9 across Mexico that included more than 1 million participants.

The organization leading the event, In Favor of Women and Life, promoted marches throughout the country to send “a message of hope in the face of the culture of discarding and death.”

“We must all unite and find the strength to trust others again, show solidarity again and always appreciate and defend life, with special sensitivity to women and the children they carry in their wombs,” the website states in a promotion of the march. “It is necessary to act in favor of women and life.”

Although many marches were held in different parts of the country, roughly 200,000 participants attended the march in Mexico City, according to Catholic News Agency (CNA). The march concluded at the Angel of Independence, a statue standing in the busy city to symbolize national independence. The event included a manifesto reading that outlined four courses of action to take to support women and the unborn.

Participants called for laws that would aid pregnant women facing difficult situations and policies to promote “peace and unity for all, especially within the family.” CNA also reported that the need for “mutual trust” was emphasized “so that we can live together in peace and harmony, without violence.” Another demand was for the protection of the unborn and children regardless of “the degree of development” or any “health conditions.”

The overarching goal of the In Favor of Women and Life, which is supported by more than a thousand groups in Mexico, is to “bring together the largest possible number of people in a national march in Mexico City to express our commitment to the dignity of the person, of women and the defense of life.”

Three specific goals are outlined on the group’s website, the first being an effort to “unite many people and groups that are active” and who are “in favor of human dignity, women and life, respecting the identity and action of each of them.”

Second, the group strives for continued promotion of pro-life and pro-woman efforts while “address[ing] the causes that lead us to think about abortion.” The third and final targeted goal is to “make society aware of the roots and complexity involved in the issue of abortion, through a broad, serious and deep reflection from all sectors.”

Mexico, which once had legislation making abortion illegal in all circumstances, has lessened its restrictions considerably over the past few years. In 2019, abortion was legal in cases of rape. However, a 2021 ruling declared that abortion on demand was no longer illegal. Since then, individual states have had the capacity to determine what limitations, if any, are put into place surrounding the practice of killing the unborn.

Tulsi Gabbard officially leaves Democratic Party, blasts ‘cowardly wokeness’ of leaders

(LifeSiteNews) — Former U.S. Representative for Hawaii and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard announced Tuesday she is leaving the Democrat Party with a blistering attack on her former home, which has elicited excitement among her fans, skepticism among her detractors, and speculation as to her future political ambitions.

“I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers who are driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue and stoking anti-white racism, who actively work to undermine our God-given freedoms enshrined in our Constitution, are hostile to people of faith and spirituality, who demonize the police but protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding Americans, who believe in open borders, weaponize the national security state to go after political opponents, and above all, are dragging us ever closer to nuclear war,” Gabbard declared in a social media post launching her new web show:

A vocal critic of her party, Gabbard has earned the affection of some conservatives for her independence from Democrat orthodoxy, including on issues such as third-trimester abortionswomen’s sportssocial media censorship, and transitioning minors.

She is not a centrist, however; she voted in lockstep with the abortion and LGBT lobbies for most of her House tenure, advocated codifying abortion “rights” in federal law prior to the third trimester, favors decriminalizing prostitution, and endorsed socialist Bernie Sanders, arguably the furthest-left option on all the domestic policy issues her statement mentions, for president in 2016.

As indicted by her Tuesday statement’s references to “warmongers” and the ‘national security state,” a key part of Gabbard’s right-of-center appeal stems from her common ground with isolationist and anti-interventionist sentiments that have long dominated the libertarian movement and for years have grown in popularity among more populist factions of conservatism.

Many embraced Gabbard’s declaration unconditionally:

Others counseled wariness, however:

Gabbard’s name has been floated as a potential future presidential candidate or running mate for former President Donald Trump, with some speculating that leaving the Democrat Party would be a necessary precursor to such a move.

Whatever the case, Fox News primetime host Tucker Carlson revealed he will be interviewing Gabbard Tuesday evening.

This is Precisely How an Abortion is Performed

This is Precisely How an Abortion is Performed

[by Abby Johnson]

I realize this will not a pleasant thing to read, but I feel it is necessary if we are to fight this battle with facts.

I find that most people on both sides of this debate don’t actually know how abortion procedures are performed. Showing someone a picture is one thing, but actually describing, in detail, what takes place to the woman and her baby during these hours seems to really have an impact on even those who claim to support abortion.

Since the ban on partial-birth abortion, abortionists have come up with a different method and, believe it or not, it is a more dangerous method. There are currently fewer than ten physicians in the country that will perform a late abortion procedure. Out of that small handful, most stop performing abortions at 32 weeks. There is one, Dr. Warren Hern in Boulder, Colorado, who performs them all the way up until birth.

The following description is of an abortion generally performed after 19 weeks’ gestation. I have worked first-hand with several of these late abortion providers and know many women who have undergone this procedure.

Let me start by saying that this is not an open door to condemn these women who have chosen a late abortion. We need to pray for them to find true healing so that they can move past the regret that they feel after making this decision. It should also not be an opportunity to condemn the physicians who perform this procedure or the other abortion clinic workers who may participate. Just as I have personally experienced, all people are capable of conversion.

We need to pray for their conversion and pray that they will reach out to pro-lifers who will help them make that transition. For more information about how you can reach out to abortion workers, please visit our website at They will not reach out to us for help if we stand in judgment of them.

When a woman comes in for a late-term abortion, her cervix is dilated through the administration of one of two medications called Misoprostol (Cytotec) and Pitocin and/or Laminaria/Lamicel insertion. Laminaria are made of sterilized seaweed and look like tiny tampons. Lamicel is similar, but made of a synthetic material. The Misoprotol is taken orally prior to surgery and may take several hours to work. Misoprostol is a medication administered to relax the cervical muscle so that the surgeon can dilate it easily. Pitocin is also used sometimes to help with this process and is administered through an intravenous injection.

If Laminaria or Lamicel is necessary to complete dilation, they must be inserted into the patient’s cervix by the physician prior to the abortion procedure. The Laminaria/Lamicel act like sponges by absorbing the moisture in the patient’s vagina and expanding to open the cervix.

Laminaria/Lamicel and Misoprostol will be administered on day one. Also, on day one, the physician will also administer a medication called Digoxin. This medication will be injected into the amniotic fluid. The fetus will then drink in the Digoxin and will overdose in the womb. It can take up to 48 hours for death to occur. During this time, the mother may feel her child struggling as he dies in her womb.

When the woman leaves the abortion facility on day one, she is sent home with a “delivery kit” just in case she goes into labor at the hotel. It includes towels, scissors to cut the umbilical cord and a biohazard waste bag that she could put her baby and placenta in. It doesn’t happen very often, but there is always a chance that she could deliver the baby early. In this case, she is instructed not to go to the emergency room. She is told to call the abortion clinic’s on call nurse who will come to the hotel and assist her during the delivery.

On day two or three (depending on how quickly the baby dies), the physician will perform the surgical abortion after dilation of the cervix is complete — this may take several hours or overnight. The doctor will remove the Laminaria (if applicable), insert a speculum into the vagina, and remove the unborn child using vacuum aspiration (suction), forceps, and curettes.

The woman is usually given sedation so that she is unconscious during the abortion itself. The nurses and technicians will physically push on her abdomen to help the physician pull the pieces of the baby out. The surgical procedure takes approximately 10–25 minutes. After surgery, the mother is taken into the recovery room, where nurses will monitor her for approximately 45 minutes. She is sent home with several medications: anti-nausea meds, narcotics for pain relief, at least two different antibiotics, a medication that will contract the uterus to stop bleeding, and anything else the physician deems necessary.

The woman is not required to follow up with the physician. She is asked to follow up with a different physician in her area. If she has complications, the abortion facility will in almost all cases refer her to the emergency room.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, approximately 13,000 babies die this torturous death. Most abortion supporters will argue that these babies have terminal illnesses anyway, so this is a better option; however, growing numbers of former abortion clinic workers are coming forward and stating that the majority of these babies aborted were perfectly healthy with no illnesses.

I personally have medical records from several women who now regret their decision to have a late abortion. The “medical” reason stated for their abortions was the same: “patient is not prepared for a child.” Last I checked, being unprepared for the birth of a child is not a medical condition. This is unfortunately what happens when bills are passed that include a “health of the mother exception.” The “health” of the mother is entirely subjective and can be determined by the abortion staff.

All abortion is heinous. As hard as it is to listen to these details, we as pro-lifers know that all babies have equal humanity, no matter their age. We must fight to save them all.